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The staff always smile” at Christine Yau’s “serene” Soho “haven”, “run admirably by the amazing William”; the “interesting” Chinese cuisine is “consistently good” and at times “cracking.


"You can tell Yming is a cut above the average as soon as you cross the threshold. Unlike traditional Chinese restaurants, the décor is subtle and understated - the colour scheme is jade rather than red, black and gold. The waiters, too, aren't your usual assortment of extras from a noir thriller. Far from being insolent and offhand, they're quite anxious to help you find your way round the menu."

London Evening Standard

The proprietor, Christine Yau, was involved in helping set up courses for Chinese chefs at Westminster College in a drive to maintain standards, and the food she serves at her own restaurant mirrors that commitment to quality. As well as most of the obvious classics, there are dishes here from the more exotic and fiery regions of Hunan and Szechuan, as well as a number plundered from China's imperial banqueting history. Ta t'sai mi, for example, is an 18th-century recipe for a sweet beef stir-fry, created by the head chef to Emperor Qian Long. You don't get many of those over in Gerrard Street.

The Guardian

"How they remember so many customers is amazing” – Christine Yau’s “charming” Soho restaurant is an unusually “personal” venture, and always has some “interesting” dishes on its “North Chinese-focussed” menu; let’s hope a few recent ‘off’ reports are just a wobble."


"Book a table 24 hours at least in advance and pre-order the Special Peking Duck. This is a busy Soho restaurant. Don't bother to look at the menu. Just ask William for advice."


"Informal, but extremely good food and friendly, smiling service, busy Soho restaurant. The vegetarian options are fabulous. Do try the dry fried green beans (really hot and wonderful) and the aubergine. The hot dishes are nice and spicy, the plainer food tasty and made with great ingredients."

Square Meal

"A great selection of authentic tasting regional Chinese dishes. If you're looking for greasy noodles and crispy duck, this isn't the place for you."


"Is it a bad thing to recieve a Christmas card every year for the last 14 years...from the staff at a restaurant? No,it's a nice thought...I can't believe I've never reviewed my favourite Chinese restaurant in London. I love this place...I guess I take it for granted but if you want an outstanding Chinese meal Yming is a must visit!

Last night we enjoyed their sea bass with a side of sugar snap peas and aspargus...with some steamed rice.It was a simple but an excellent meal.We enjoyed an excellent Swiss white wine...full bodied...rare to see this on any menu...let alone in a Chinese restuarant!

I also rate their silken tofu,Tibetan garlic lamb, aubgergine chips(pure bliss),fresh scallops...lamb with lemon zest....

The owner (Christine) is often in the restaurant and is always wonderful with her guest as is William(main waiter)...

Fantastic every single time!"

London Eating

"Probably one of the best Chinese restaurants in London Soho. Service excellent, food is glorious. The whole dry baked crab is just sensational."

Urban Path

"Yming is a great place! Full of genuine Chinese dishes, this soho restaurant is one of the best places I have ever been to in London. The staff are smashing and the atmosphere is really friendly. Yming is highly recommneded to anyone who loves Chinese food, or just food!"

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"Yming is quite eclectic in some ways. The menu boasts dishes from Hunan to Tibet to what must be my favourite dish description on a Chinese restaurant menu - 'Mr. Edward's Pork', for their gourmet client Mr. Edward, that is described as soft and melts in your mouth! Dont miss out this little Soho restaurant."


"in Yming- the food, the atmosphere, the staff and the value for money. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy lovely Chinese food with great service and especially to anyone looking to celebrate an occasion with a group of people....A lovely Chinese restaurant in Soho, you will not be let down"


"Since I moved to London this has been my favourite Soho restaurant. This is not your typical chinese/china town restaurant - this is proper great food that is proper Chinese!! the food is great and the service is fantastic especially the man in charge(need to learn his name!). There are alwasy great specials on offer and the staff are always willing"

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